Friday, January 20, 2012

Cheesy Peasy

Cheese is a HUGE staple in this house.

Mainly because of Kyle. >.<

We all dig on cheese, but Kyle? He LOVES cheese. He's infatuated with cheese. Cheese and him go hand and hand. There's never such a thing as "too much". *sigh*

On the upside, it helps me throw some veggies into food without him making bad faces. So I guess it's a win.

I wanted something easy, simple, and different tonight for dinner. We all love pasta/italian. And pasta goes with cheese well. I debated macaroni and cheese, but I bet I'd never hear the end about how it's not his Aunt Terry's, but it's good.

I'm okay with that, though. Terry makes some bomb mac and cheese.

So, I threw some stuff together in a dish and BAM. Dinner.

I love easy and cheap dinners.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice.

It's not just what little girls are made of.

Especially my little girls. Those kids..ugh. I think they got a bit too much of me in them for now. I'm hoping it's getting out of their systems before they hit the teens. Because if not, I'm screwed.


Cinnamon rolls are a favorite in this house. Mainly for Kyle, but I dig them, too. Kyle misses having a Cinnabon around pretty much everyday. If there's something on TV about them, he HAS to watch it. 

He's not obsessed or anything.

So, when I get the chance to, I like to make him some cinnamon rolls. They aren't Cinnabon worthy, but good enough for us.

Also, you'll never get your cinnamon rolls to taste like Cinnabon. They use a different kind of cinnamon. Now, you MIGHT be able to buy the cinnamon directly from them, but no company in the US will sell it.

Truth be told, I'd rather be eating these than paying an arm and a leg for a cinnamon roll.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It was my birthday. :)

On the 14th, yesterday, I turned 20...something. That's not important.

For dinner, Kyle took me to Texas Roadhouse, where we spent $30+. Ridiculous. That much for ONE dinner? Ugh. It ticked me off so bad, you don't even know. And please believe, I ate enough peanuts and rolls to make up for it. And made sure to drop my shells on the floor.


In a previous post, I talked about how badly I wanted to bake tons of bread. Well, I still don't have a deep freeze, so the mass quantities are on hold. But I baked some bread tonight, and I'm HAPPY. I baked Kyle a loaf of cinnamon roll bread, which is the cinnamon raisin bread I posted minus the raisins, and then baked some honey wheat bread.

This is going to go great with our dinner tonight.

And I justify this because wheat is better for you.

Also, the recipe is without a lot of the step-by-step pictures. Mainly because I was SUPER ticked off with the yeast. You don't even know how bad. I almost threw this dough out. But then a SUPER AWESOME BAKING FRIEND of mine, Cat (whose blog is seen here), gave me some tips.