Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GOO(lash)! I'm channeling Billy Madison.

This is honestly the easiest, simplest, and probably cheapest meal I ever make. Everyone digs on it, thank God. It's my fall back, to be honest. 

I'm talkin' goulash.

There's plenty of ways to make it. This is just a VERY basic recipe. You can add/remove whatever you want to make it your own. Corn is a vegetable a lot of people like to add to it. Me? I just keep it basic.

And cheap. SO beyond cheap.

But I always pair it with mashed potatoes. Sometimes cornbread, too..you know, when I'm feeling fancy.

Your Mom's Basic Goulash

1 lb. ground beef
1 large can pork 'n' beans (or 2 small cans)
1 can tomato soup

There. That's it. Done. EASY I KNOW!

So, you know. It's pretty self explanatory.

Brown and drain the ground beef. Then drain the pork 'n' beans over the ground beef.

Throw this back into your skillet. Add the tomato soup.

Mix it until it's combined and then let it simmer for a few minutes before serving. If you keep it at a low heat, you can just keep stirring it every few minutes while you're making everything else to go along with it. And, let me tell you, it makes TERRIFIC leftovers.

Poor man food FTW.

And a mom tip:
If you have younger kids (ESPECIALLY little boys), they probably know what I'm thinking...

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart.
The more you eat the more you fart.

Tell the kids the more you eat, the more you can fart. Have a contest afterwards. 

Okay, maybe that's not for everyone. But you have no idea how on board my girls are for that. 

Okay, maybe just the one girl. The one girl I swore was a boy while I was pregnant with her. 

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