Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm not built for the outside stuffs.

I'm really, really, REALLY not an outdoors person.

I don't do the whole camping thing. 

And here's why.

1. It gets freaking HOT in the summer. Pennsylvania wasn't so bad, but now that I'm in Missouri, it's like I'm walking outside to Hell. I prefer air conditioning.
2. There's no bathrooms when you go "real" camping. I'm saying "real" camping because Kyle, bless his heart, just gets into a tizzy when you bring up campgrounds. You should hear his rant. It's quite amusing.
3. There's bugs and things. Bugs are too icky for my taste. And skunks. And mountain lions. And armadillos. And possums. *shivers*
4. I'm a mosquito magnet, literally. If you want to walk outside with no bug spray on into a swarm of those things, take me will you. I promise that you won't get bit. They'll be too busy attacking me.

Now, camping food? I'm down with that.

Fire roasted hot dogs, I love. Jiffy Pop over the fire? Bring it.

And s'mores. S'mores are #1 on my fire food priority list.

In the summer, Kyle makes a fire in our yard to burn branches and random scraps of wood that I collect (because you never know what you can make from them!) and I can only stand about 2 minutes in the heat. And everytime I request a s'more, I hear the dreaded words...

"Make it yourself!"


But WAIT! I found the solution! Head over to Just Baked and find...

^ Click above for recipe. ^

I'm serious. I don't kid about cuppycakes. Or s'mores. And these are as close as you're going to get to a s'more without having to fight the evils of being outside.

I'm not posting the recipe on here, but below are my photos of the process and end result. You'll drool, I promise.

Kyle and I are already fighting over them. :)

Have we ever talked about how much I love my mixer?

We have?

Okay then.

This smelled SO good. I love graham crackers.

And I dare you to try not to eat some of this batter.

I failed the challenge. >.<

I got these super cute flower cuppycake papers at WalMart. I'm certain that pretty papers make cuppycakes taste better.

Unwrapping the chocolate nugz is something I'd recommend doing while the cuppycakes are baking. So much easier than trying to unwrap them super quick.

And wait until the chocolate melts a good bit into the cuppycake. Impatient people, like myself, will have a hard time doing this.

I'm half tempted to take a lighter to the marshmallows.

So worth the calories. SO worth it.

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