Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food Fail # 1

Not everything goes well when you cook. 

Actually, there's been a lot of times where I have fails back to back to back and it never seems to end. Those times? They usually end with my kitchen covered in food from me being frustrated. >.<

According to Kyle, my "fuck ups" are the best. Don't ask me why. This dude is SUPER weird sometimes. But because of this, he LOVES it when I try new stuff.

When I came across pictures of these lasagna cupcakes online, I knew that if they were executed right, they'd be a huge hit for dinner. "We're having cupcakes for dinner! w00t!" Right? 


So, not to flood this with pictures of the process, I'm taking a short cut.

So, the boiling noodles? Worked.
Greasing the pan? Worked.
Heating the sauce while adding extra spices and such (because I totally think the heat helps that)? Worked.
Adding everything in order? Worked.
Preheating oven? Worked.
Timer? Um..

Yeah, so, I think my issue here was with the timer. I don't think I baked these long enough, because when I tried to pull them from the muffin pan, they FELL APART. I was SO disappointed. I mean, they were good...but they weren't the lasagna cupcakes I worked SO HARD for. I don't have a picture of the fallen apart mess. If I had picked my camera up, it would've been shattered.

However, I did use the leftover ingredients to make "lasagna enchiladas" that were okay. It's just a lasagna noodle, then a layer of cottage cheese, then sauce, then mozzarella. Roll it up into a spiral, pour some more sauce on it, sprinkle some more mozzarella, and some parmesan. Bam. Easier than the cupcakes with the amount of deliciousness I wanted.

Sometimes fails have good outcomes. :)

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