Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Food Fail #2

Breakfast for dinner.


Serious. Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? That's what I made the other night. Some righteous breakfast. No lie, it was uh-may-zing.

I was originally going to make pancakes, but decided that biscuits and gravy (*ahem* BACON gravy) just sounded so much better. And me, being the pain in the ass that I am, I had to make the biscuits from scratch. 

Everything looks good here, right? I WISH that was the case. And I wish the flash was the only problem.

And again, so I'm not flooding pictures all through here, here's a slide.

Cooking bacon? Excellent.
Cooking eggs? Excellent.
Cooking gravy? Excellent.
Making biscuit dough? Excellent.
Prepping dough for baking? Excellent.
Baking? Um..

Okay, so it wasn't necessarily the baking that was the problem. 
The problem was that I *thought* set the timer. 
Maybe I did, but I didn't hear it go off.
I ended up baking the biscuits atleast 5 minutes over the time. 
But they didn't burn.

They more or less turned to stone. >.< SO PISSED.

However, there were a couple that were un-stoned. 
Those were awesome. 
You could actually peel the layers.
Pillsbury ain't got shit on this, yo.
And paired with the gravy?! YUM. Just YUM.

All in all? Excellent dinner. I'd definitely make it again.
But this time, I might have someone ELSE set a timer, too.

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