Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh, those Southerners.

I've never heard of country fried steak until I moved to Missouri.


I've never attempted to make it until I married Kyle. I found out it was one of his favorites, so ofcourse I had to attempt it.
I've tried making it a few times before this, but this is definitely the best of those times it came out.
I also used a different method of peeling/cooking the potatoes for the mashed potatoes.
You can find the method here. I found that boiling my potatoes for 30 minutes made them cooked perfect for mashing. :)

Waiting to be boiled.

Preparation at its finest, yo.

I'm still not good with frying. Like, at all. But I'm trying.

The aftermath of the potatoes.

Country Fried Steak

Steak type that you want (I forget what we
Seasoning Salt
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder

You want to mix all of the seasonings into the flour. The seasonings are to YOUR taste, so you could use whatever, really. I know some people that use hamburger seasoning. It's your call.

Eggs, scrambled up
A couple drops of hot sauce

Scramble the milk and hot sauce into the eggs. You want to make sure your milk to egg ratio is good. Too much milk, and everything will slide off the steak. No muy bueno.

Dip the steaks into the egg mix, then the flour. Then again. And again. I prefer to do this 3 times to get a nice coat on the meat. You can honestly do this as little or as much as you want.
Heat up some grease in a skillet. I used shortening, but bacon grease would probably be your best bet. I wouldn't know from experience, but Kyle sure believes bacon grease is the gateway to Heaven.
Pan fry them until they're cooked completely. They should be golden brown on the outside. This is best done on a medium-low heat and done SLOWLY.
After they're done, put them on the plate and start on the gravy.
I cheated. I totally used a packet of gravy mix. I've tried making gravy before, but I fail for the most part. Sometimes, I rock. Other times, it tastes more like flour more than anything. But the main idea of the gravy is while the skillet is still full of the grease/drippings, you add flour to thicken it up, not a lot, but enough. Then you add about a 1/2 c. milk and salt and pepper to taste. Keeping it on the heat, you stir it occasionally until it thickens up to the way you want.

Serve the steaks with some mashed potatoes and pour the gravy allllllll over it.

Mashed potatoes = Win. Secret to the smoothness with them? Use a hand mixer (or stand mixer) instead of a potato masher.

I cheated, but it was worth it.


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